2nd International Congress of Breast Disease Centers

Congrès médical/Evénement qui aura lieu le : 2012-02-09 : Spécialité: Hématologie

Dear colleagues,
We are pleased to announce the second International congress of Breast Disease centers.
this will take place in Paris, france on 9-10 february 2012. It will gather a lot of clinicians
coming from the major centers involved in the detection, prevention and treatment of breast diseases and be
supported by more than 100 national and international societies or centers of oncology, gynecology,
mastology, and radiology. More than 150 Breast Disease centers have already joined the Board.
We have enlarged the Board of Directors of Breast Disease centers associated with this second international
congress, a preparatory meeting of this board was held in Paris on 11 June 2011 to
prepare the 2012 congress and it was decided to structure the congress around four thematic chapters:
o ManaGeMent of Breast centers
o screenInG anD DIaGnosIs
o treatMent
o traInInG, teachInG anD sUPPort
the key medical specialists of these disciplines have been invited and they warmly support this project.
the response from national delegations has already been extremely positive throughout europe and
other continents and we are expecting a strong level of participation internationally.
We look forward to your active participation in this innovative event and to welcoming you in Paris
next february.
Yours sincerely,


President of the congress
Breast Disease center
Saint Louis Hospital
Paris - France

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