Orthopaedic and Respiratory Poor Performance & Rehabilitation of the Sports Horse – A 2-Day Practical Course

Congres médical/Evénement qui aura lieu le : 2016-04-22 : Spécialité: Médecine du sport

This 2-day practical course covers the most common causes of orthopaedic and respiratory poor performance in sports horses, how to recognize them and to decide if they are clinically relevant. The topics of managing the horse with back.sacroiliac pain, how to devise tailor-made rehabilitation programs for musculoskeletal conditions and physiotherapy of the horse with upper front- and hindlimb problems and back/sacroiliac conditions will be discussed. Indications and usefulness of chiropractic therapy, acupuncture and pulse, lactate and GPS tracking as training and rehabilitation tools will fur...

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