Supporting and Expanding the Scope and Application of Mental Modeling: Current and Future Software Developments


This chapter provides an overview of how the Mental Modeling approach is being supported and expanded to enable a broad range of applications by Decision Partners and its Certified Applications Professionals and licensees. Section 14.1 provides an overview of the proprietary CASS™ (Cognitive Analysis Software Suite) developed by Decision Partners to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s research analysis capacity. Section 14.2 provides a case study of the first application of breakthrough stakeholder engagement software platform, Interactive Decision Support Technology™ (IDST™) comprising Mental Modeling Technology™ combined with state-of-the-science artificial intelligence and Synthetic Interview® technology. In Sect. 14.3, we discuss current software development that enables systematic resilience “engineering” through the integration of Mental Modeling Technology™ with RiskLogik’s state-of-the-science advanced risk analysis, cyber resilience, geospatial analysis, and constructive simulation tools.

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